Blocks and Giggles

Jumbo blocks are always a sure way for a lot of giggles in our house! There are endless possibilities to use them. You can build the highest towers, the longest roads, and use them for imaginative play. Here are just a few ideas my kids came up using them – they built everything on their own and just asked for help when they couldn’t reach the top! 😉

Meet Mister Eye Eye (please don’t ask me why she named him this way :))! My daughter says it’s a robot but I think it could also be a cute dinosaur. What do see in Mister Eye Eye?

How about an ice cream shop? I ordered chocolate chips ice cream with sprinkles (since they run out of yoghurt) and it was delicious!

But there can be also grocery stores, flower shops and not to forget book stores. All you need is a little imagination!

Or maybe you like to do some bowling? The blocks make great pins and all you need is a ball. It’s also a wonderful way to practice focusing and develop some gross motor skills!

Playhouses, castles, and huge doors are always a big hit in our house! It’s a fun way to practice coordination and three-dimensional thinking, the pretend play part is great for using a lot of imagination.

I hope you have got some inspirations for a lot of giggles with blocks! Here are some details where to get them:

We got our blocks from IKEA, you can find the link here.

Please note: Sometimes I may add affiliate links. If you decide to buy something using my affiliate links, it will make no difference for you in pricing. It simply means that I’ll get a small commission.

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