Fun Halloween crafts for preschoolers

Halloween is around the corner! Maybe you have decorated your house in full spooky monster-ghost-spider-style already but your kids still complain it’s not enough. Or your windows still show the flower decoration you created with them back in spring. (I hear you, I’ve put away our butterflies and coffee filter flowers yesterday wink).

Either way, you’re looking for some craft ideas that give your kids an hour of fun but don’t need another hour of preparation. I hear you again-this mama loves being creative and making a big mess with her kids but I simply don’t have the time to spend a significant amount of time preparing everything upfront.

Help is near! I did the research work for you already, here are 8 links to fun craft ideas that keep your little (and big) kids busy and spark their creativity!



Aren’t those handprint bats the cutest? Save them for next year and check how much your kid’s hands have grown in one year!

Seen at Free kids crafts.



How about some paper plate monsters? Make them as scary as you like! The best thing is, you can start immediately and prepare the eyes when your kids are busy with glueing the plates.

Seen at Glued to my crafts.


This one is my favorite! Cute and funny prints with just the right amount of messiness for my little ones!

Seen at Pinkie for Pink.

Who doesn’t love a spooky flickering light on Halloween? Try those mason jar Jack-O-Lanterns with your little Halloween fans!

Seen at Gift of Curiousity.

Ah, we love coffee filter crafts! It’s simply mesmerizing to see the colors spread and blend together. And if the results are those adorable monsters, we call it a win at our house!

Seen at One little project.

Popsickle stick alarm! Do you also have tons of those colored sticks at home but always asking yourself what to do with them? Try those cute monsters!

Seen at I heart arts n crafts.

Kids love fingerprint arts! Make little cards and send them to friends and family, they will love your unique spiders!

Seen at Tinkerlab.

It’s getting spooky! Attach the hanging ghosts with invisible string and enjoy their “dance”!

Seen at Parscaeli.

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!


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