50 Fun Trivia Questions For Kids

Playing trivia is a great way to spend time with the whole family, to sharpen your kid’s mind, and increase their knowledge about the world around them.

Snuggle onto the couch or settle around the dinner table, grab some healthy snacks, and have fun! Here are 50 trivia questions for kids, with accompanying answers so you and your child can test your knowledge together.


What are the colors of the rainbow? Answer: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet

What color is a ruby? Answer: Red

What do caterpillars turn into? Answer: Butterflies

What do you call a baby lion? Answer: A cub

What do bees make? Answer: Honey

How many legs does a spider have? Answer: Eight

What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story? Answer: Woody

What is the color of an emerald? Answer: Green

What is something you hit with a hammer? Answer: A nail

What’s the name of a place you go to see lots of animals? Answer: The zoo

Whose nose grew longer every time he lied? Answer: Pinocchio

What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Answer: Tinkerbell

A common garden insect? Answer: Ant

A yellow fruit? Answer. Banana

A building where movies are shown? Answer. Theatres

Creatures that lived millions of years ago? Answer. Dinosaur

Birds lay these? Answer. Eggs

The color of grass? Answer. Green

You wear this on your head? Answer. Hat

The liquid inside a pen? Answer. Ink

The seventh month of the year? Answer. July

What is the world’s largest ocean? Answer: Pacific Ocean

How many wings does a bee have? Answer: 4 wings total, two sets!

Who was the first Black president of the United States? Answer: Barack Obama

What animal is considered to be the symbol of America? Answer: Bald Eagle

What is the princess’ name in Princess and the Frog? Answer: Tiana

What type of fish is Nemo? Answer: A clownfish

Things fall when you drop them because of what? Answer: Gravity

Who lives in a trash can on ‘Sesame Street’? Answer: Oscar the Grouch

What color does the sky often appear to be when it rains? Answer: Gray

What farm animal gives us milk to drink? Answer: Cow or goat

Name a mammal that can’t jump Answer: Elephant, sloth, hippo, & rhino

What kind of shape is a stop sign? Answer: An octagon

How many arms does an octopus have? Answer: Eight

Which sea animal has tentacles that sting? Answer: Jellyfish

What bird lives in Antarctica and cannot fly? Answer: Penguin

Which princess lived with seven dwarfs? Answer: Snow White

Who lives in Neverland? Answer: Peter Pan

What is Shrek’s wife’s name? Answer: Fiona

What is the capital of America? Answer: Washington, D.C.

Which ocean is the saltiest in the world? Answer: Atlantic

How many continents are there in the world? Answer: Seven

According to the Dr. Seuss book, who stole Christmas? Answer: The Grinch

What is a doe? Answer: A female deer

How many sides does a triangle have? Answer: Three

Something you stick on an envelope? Answer. Stamp

What does a thermometer measure? Answer: Temperature

What Is Called As The World’s Tallest Grass? Answer: Bamboo.

What Sentence In English Contains All The Letters Of The Alphabet? Answer: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

I’m Solid When Cold, And Gaseous When Warm. What Am I? Answer: Water.


I hope you have a lot of fun with your little one! I’d love to read about your Trivia fun in the comments!


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