The Short Version

Jana Buchmann is an award-winning and bestselling children’s book author and mom of three girls with a love of storytelling. She enjoys combining unique ideas with magic and imagination to create memorable stories that bring tons of fun and smiles to every child who reads them.

Jana believes that any child can learn to love reading if they are given the right book.

The Long Version

My name is Jana and I’m a mom of three wild little girls, a wife, expat, writer, and a business owner. I love dance parties in the living room, walks in the woods, and being creative in almost every second of my life.

When our twins were 6 months and our eldest daugther 2 years old, we packed all our belongings in a huge container and moved to the US. We left Germany, our family and friends and were ready for new adventures. Our readiness was challenged faster than we could blink as we arrived in one of New Jersey’s biggest snow storms ever. The first months with those tiny little humans in a foreign country without our famous „village“ were – well, tough. But every day was also a new adventure, a chance to learn, to navigate in our new world and to grow as a family. And also a chance to try new things, things I wouldn’t have dreamed of when I waved my crying mother-in-law goodbye at the airport.

But here I am, a business owner and a writer. I’m a children’s yoga teacher and I started writing my own books. How couldn’t I? It was only a natural consequence and a call of my book lover heart I needed to follow. And I double up as a reading buddy and read stories to preschoolers on a regular basis. I strongly believe that stories are a wonderful way of uplifting children’s spirits, helping them learn, and spark their fantasy with every page they turn.

I’m ready to write many more books that boost our children’s imaginations and encourage them to follow their dreams. I know that it’s possible. You only need to believe in yourself.