One busy ant… two flying birds…. three bustling spiders …


One busy ant… two flying birds…. three bustling spiders …


On a sunny day, behind the trees Mouse feels a bit lonely. Setting off to find some friends, Little Mouse counts them as he goes.

One busy ant… two flying birds…. three bustling spiders …

His friends are caught up in their own activities, and don’t notice Little Mouse at all!

Sad and lonely with no one to play with, but then relieved and happy! Mouse’s friends are true, and arrive in time to remind Little Mouse that friendship is there, waiting for us, even when our friends are busy. 

Little learners love to count forwards and backwards with Little Mouse!

Interactive, engaging, with a rhyme and cadence that is perfect for small children.

Book details:

  • A great book for ages 2  – 5
  • Learning numbers with adorable animals
  • Counting to ten forwards and backwards
  • A wonderful rhyming story about true friendship

Watch the book trailer

Get free counting activity sheets


Learn to count with Little Mouse! These adorable counting activity sheets were drawn by the lovely Rachel Batislaong, the illustrator of Little Mouse.

All animals from the book can be found on the activity sheets and make counting forwards and backward so much fun!

You can also watch the fun counting song here and get the song text!

Editorial Reviews:

“Jana Buchmann demonstrates a musician’s timing and a poet’s skill in this perfectly penned book for aspiring little readers. The counting lesson is delivered in such a beautiful and engaging way that kids won’t even realize they are mastering their numbers. The colorful illustrations are divine, embellishing an already wonderful story. ” -Amanda Murello for Indies Today

A lovely blend of academic and emotional learning, Who Wants to Play With Little Mouse? is an enjoyable story to be read aloud to preschool-aged children. -Mary Lanni for Reedsy

“This book is a delight, as every aspect of it is executed exquisitely. Who Wants To Play With Little Mouse? is an entertaining and educational story that will make a wonderful addition to the home libraries of little learners everywhere.” – Dave Allen for Indies Today

“Who Wants to Play with Little Mouse? by Jana Buchmann is an adorable and interactive story that teaches children counting in a fun and entertaining way. Learning numbers couldn’t be easier than this and Who Wants to Play with Little Mouse? is a good tool for parents and tutors to teach children counting without being boring.” Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Read aloud by “Storytime and the 3 bears”


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