Mollie meets Little Mouse

Hi, Little Mouse! It’s so great to finally meet you, you’re my first animal interview partner!

Oh, really? Actually, you’re the first human being I’m talking to. I’ve only had fun with my critter friends near the pond so far.

Speaking of critter friends, do you know how many friends you have? I’ve heard that you went out to count them?

Oh yes, that was fun! At least in the beginning but when I realized that none of them had time for me, I started to feel very sad.

Oh, poor Mouse! I can imagine! What happened? Why didn’t they have time for you?

Well, they were so busy with their own activities that they didn’t notice me at all! The ant needed to tell her friends about a big apple she had seen in the grass, the ducks took some swim lessons, and the crickets had their rehearsal for the night concert. And the bugs, well, the bugs are a different story.

What happened when they realized that they had hurt your feelings?

Oh, this was very sweet! They apologized as any good friend does and they had a really sweet surprise for me. It was fun!

That’s great to hear. What do you love doing with your friends when you’re together?

Lots of things! We are all different which is great because every one of us has its very unique strength. The frogs can jump very high and we love to do jumping contests – usually they show us how to do it and are the referees. The birds can sing beautifully, and the crickets chirp pretty nice, so we have much fun to make music and spent some time together, clapping, dancing, and singing. Or we just lay and sit at the grass, watch the clouds and tell each other what we spot there.

That’s so nice! Friends are great! My friends and I also love dance parties and we love disguise! I love putting on my superhero costume and my crown, who says I can’t wear both together?

Yes, that’s so true! You can be anyone you want as long as YOU are happy.

Back to you, my sweet mouse friend. What are your plans for the next months? Is there something special you’d like to do?

Oh, a couple of things! I have many books on my nightstand and I love reading before I go to sleep! I look forward to the colder days when I will snuggle up in my bed early and read until I can’t hold my eyes open any longer. And I need to visit my family, my mom makes the best cheesecake!

Now as you say it, I’m getting really hungry! We can have yummy cheese sticks and carrots for a snack if you like!

That sounds great! I can show you my new activity book and we can practice counting afterward!


Would you also like to have a look at Little Mouse’s activity book? Stay tuned, it’s coming very soon! In the meantime, you can download a couple of FREE counting activity pages here.






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