Mollie meets Spike


Welcome, Spike! Marty told me a lot about you and I’m so excited to finally meet you!

Thank you so much! It is so great to meet you too ????

Can you please tell us a little bit about your home? Marty really got me curious but didn’t reveal much!

I live in extremely cold temperatures of -60 degrees which is as colder than your freezer!

I live on a floating platform of frozen ocean called fast ice… although it’s not actually fast at all. It’s called Fast ice because it’s ‘fastened’ to the shoreline 🙂

While I’m at home in Antarctica I can spend 3 quarters of my time in the water!

This sounds really amazing! It’s so hot here right now that I wish I could visit you on your cold continent. Maybe someday in the future! I’d love to meet your penguin gang there!

I see that you have a lovely colorful mohawk. Were you born with it, or do you have a hairdresser where you live?

I was born with this rainbow mohawk. At first, I never liked it though, because it always makes me stand out from the crowd.

Oh really? I’m so sorry to hear this! I think it looks really awesome! But I guess you didn’t want to stand out that much. What have you tried to blend in with the crowd?

Thank you so much. Oh, I have tried so many things… including… trying to cover it with a shell, dying it with squid ink, and even cutting it all off but it grew straight back!

Oh my, poor Spike! I can imagine that this must have been hard for you. But I think you are great the way you are and I’m very happy that you’ve kept your wonderful colorful hair. What happened that you’ve changed your mind?

Oh thank you, that is so kind of you to say that. Actually, my friends told me that they liked me just the way I am, and to me that made all the difference. I finally saw myself through their eyes and could love myself the way I am.

Aww, that’s wonderful! Friends love you no matter what. For them, you’re just perfect the way you are. I’m so happy you have such wonderful friends! Friendship is something we need to cherish, and we also need to take care of our friends. Don’t you agree?

Yes!  I totally agree, my friends are amazing and I also try to be a good friend back to them. Sometimes when my friends are sad, I make them funny-looking snowmen to try and make them laugh. I think it really helps to cheer them up.

You are such a good friend! I’m so happy Marty introduced us to each other and that we’re friends now, too! You and Marty are my only animal friends so far but I’m sure I’ll meet more of Marty’s friends soon.

I end my interviews always with a little advice from my guest. Is there something you want to say to our young readers?

It was so nice to meet you too, I love meeting new friends. I also just wanted to leave you with a little bit of advice that I have learned lately. We are all different and being unique is great. Instead of trying to change yourself, embrace yourself fully for who you are.

Thank you so much, there is nothing more to add! It was so lovely talking to you! Let’s go and see if we can find Marty. He will be so happy to see you!

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