Mollie meets Ruby the Rainbow Witch

Hi Ruby! I’m so happy that you have agreed to be my first interview partner after this long break. Can you tell us a little bit about you? Where do you live?

Hi Mollie! I am from a wonderful world made of sweet candy. It’s the most picture-perfect place you could ever see!

Oh wow! This sounds so amazing! It sounds as it’s a part of Magic Land, the place I visited together with Miss Pearlwirl, the tooth fairy. I think Magic Land is very very big, there are so many magical creatures – they have to live somewhere! Don’t you agree?

Oh yes, I do agree!

I heard about what you’ve done for your friends on this picture-perfect day a while ago! Is it true that you can do magic with your swirly-whirly wand and your rainbow dress?

With a whirl and twirl of my rainbow dress and a wave of my swirly-whirly wand many magical things can happen!

How nice! I love rainbows, too! I bet your friends were very happy!

Rainbows are so picture-perfect by themselves. I could look at them forever. Yes, they were happy! I love doing things for my friendly friends.

Do you have your swirly-whirly wand always with you?

I do keep my swirly-whirly wand with me whenever I leave home. Did I ever tell you about the time I lost it? A giant gust of whistling wind suddenly appeared and tossed and tumbled my swirly-whirly wand away.

Oh no! I can imagine how sad you must have been when your magic wand got lost! Luckily Mr. Pop found it! It was so nice of you to surprise him when he gave it back to you. You’re a great friend! I bet you love helping others, do you?

Helping others and making friends are the most picture-perfect things ever! One time my amazing amber fairy friends Addie and Annie lost all their fabulous fairy dust. They were so sad, so I thought of a wonderful way to help them. Now they will never run out of fairy dust again.

Friends are really the most precious thing in life! Do you have any tip for our little readers on how to be a good friend?

Being a fabulous friend is about being kind, friendly, and helpful to others. Show them a smile, work together to solve problems, and have lots of picture-perfect playdates!

This is such a lovely end of our interview. I’m so happy that we’re friends now, too! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have some hot cocoa with marshmallows now. Would you like to join me?


I hope you liked Mollie’s interview with Ruby, the rainbow witch. It looks like they had a lot of fun together! You can read more about Ruby’s adventures and other books from the author Kim Ann here:

Check out my read-aloud of “Ruby the Rainbow Witch – A picture perfect rainbow day” on YouTube!




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