“Mollie’s Magical Tooth” – meet Mollie

Hi Mollie, how are you? I hope you’ve gotten enough sleep after your exciting adventure!

I’m fine, thanks! I’ve caught up some sleep, but my mom is waking me up way too early every morning!

What did you enjoy most on your journey to Magic Land?

Oh, I loved everything; it was so exciting! But the flight with the carriage and the unicorns was pretty awesome! There was so much to see from above, Magic Land is just–magical! The unicorns were actually pretty funny, they were singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” the whole time.

What are your hobbies besides flying around with unicorns?

Reading! And coloring! And playing outside with my friends in our treehouse! Oh, and cloud watching! Have you ever just looked at the sky and watched the different shapes of the clouds? You can see so many things there! Even unicorns! You need to try this!

That’s a great idea to use your imagination! What do you think might happen when children stop using their imagination?

Well, we know that Magic Land loses its colors if this happens. Can you imagine a world without magic? This would be very sad. And how should we understand our world and deal with our emotions without our imagination?

What’s different today after your visit to Magic Land?

First of all, I have a missing tooth! And I know what happens to my next tooth when it falls out, I really hope that Miss Pearlwirl will take me to Magic Land again so I can see my friends. That would be really awesome!

What would you like to do in the future? What is your passion?

I’d love to meet new friends and have fun with them! Maybe they have more ideas on how our life can be full of colors and happiness and how we can throw kindness around like confetti! And I love to talk, so my dream job would be interviewing others and hear their stories!

That’s lovely. Maybe you can take over my job in the future and interview more book character friends? You could have your own section in my blog, we could call it “Mollie’s character interviews”.

Really?! I would love to do that. Making friends is such a great thing! We can all learn so much from each other!

Okay, Mollie, let’s do this! There are many books with wonderful characters to discover! Thanks for helping me!


Are you curious about Mollie’s story? You can find it here, follow her on her magical adventure and find out how she helped Magic Land!

Stay tuned for Mollie’s future character interviews. It will be a lot of fun!


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