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There are many amazing Facebook groups about books and writing, and you may have joined the one or another already. Just in case you would like to have more places to share your beautiful books, to get in touch with other authors and your readers, and ask for tips, tricks, and recommendations, check out those groups I have collected for you. Maybe becoming a member of one of those is the start of a wonderful relationship to someone, you never know!

Aspiring Authors
If your dream is to become a published storyteller (novelist, screenwriter, poet, short story writer, etc.), you’ve come to the right place! What we’re all about: books, novels, stories, writing, writers, plays, screenplays, short stories, plot, creative, creativity, fiction, interactive story.
24,122 members

Anything about writing. Stories, experiences, advice, and tips. Any new books, promotions or book cover designs.
40,682 members

Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group
This is a discussion group for authors and book lovers to chat about their favorite books. All Authors are welcome to promote here!
24,095 members

Authors, Artists, Book & Art Promotion
Post your books and paintings.
197,743 members

Author Meeting Place
A place to meet and greet other authors. You might be able to share marketing ideas and/or events in your area if you meet someone close to you. Authors unite!
5,847 members

Books, Books, and more Books!!!
Where authors and readers can post to help promote their books and giveaways
36,187 members

Book Promotion
Hello, future BEST SELLERS! We are excited to be managing this fast-growing and active Book Promotion page. Our goal for this page is to create relationships amongst authors and help you to accomplish your goals. It is similar to our mission at Best Seller Publishing – “To make our clients best-selling authors and launch them to a life of independence, generous income, and meaningful impact.”
35,987 members

Book Review & Promotion
A unique group dedicated to provide content publishers, authors, as well as readers, the most up-to-date information of new eBooks and offers.
23,840 members

Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators: Publishing, Marketing and Selling
16,510 members

Free ebooks for Kindle, Nook, and More
Welcome readers and authors! This page is for listing free ebooks only – no other posts are allowed.
10,655 members

Free Today on Kindle & Beyond
All are welcome to share about their books and media-related products. Discussion is welcome as well. Good luck, everyone!
17,482 members

A Facebook group of children’s writers and illustrators run by the founders of the website www.Kidlit411.com. Our website has resources from writing tips to submissions advice to marketing and more. Each week we feature an author or illustrator and run a book giveaway. This group is a place to share resources, ask questions, and discuss children’s literature.
8,796 members

Kindle Authors Helping Authors
Welcome to a FB group that actually helps authors. Please take the time to visit other author’s pages and like them on Amazon FB and outside web blogs and websites. We also love receiving tips on what has helped authors sell books, receive helpful reviews, or set up their platforms.
5,599 members

Marketing for Authors
The best place on Facebook to learn marketing strategies, tips & tricks to sell more books!
13,194 members

Passion for Books
Everything related to books. Authors of books are welcome to post photos of your books. You can also post your videos. And talk about your books.
40,276 members

Ready To Read
Open group to promote your new release.
14,169 members

Review Seekers
This is where authors and publishers meet readers and users who write and post reviews of books and apps on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and blogs. Members are invited to request a review if they indicate they will provide a free copy to the reviewer.
11,882 members

The Literary Lounge Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Illustrators
Calling all authors … is there a book in you? This is the place to be if you want to learn about writing, creating, strategizing, developing, publishing, and selling your book.
15,685 members

Writers and Readers Unite
Invite all of your friends to a place for authors and readers to come together. Authors may post about their new books, and readers may post review or comments Poems and personal blogs post are welcome.
32,014 members

Writer’s Group
This group is about writing & publishing. Encourage one another through rough spots in our projects play test ideas, and talk about industry news. Exchange leads to discovery! Readers & fans are welcome to participate. Anyone may submit written work for group critiques. Surveys, as well as thought experiments also welcome.
131,540 members

Do you know other groups you can recommend your fellow author colleagues? Please share them with us!

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