How to convert potential customers

Guest blog written by Nate Saucier

Potential customers go through stages on their way to deciding to buy from you. In this article, you will read about how exactly to reach them at each stage through social media and attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is an alternative to “hard selling” which focuses on the needs of the potential customer and helps them see you have the solution they need. Through this process and its steps, you will be able to convert more potential customers.

Target Market

In this article, I will refer to a “target market.” This includes all the “decision-makers” who you are reaching out to. For example, you might target mothers who are of the millennial age, who have toddlers, and who live in the New England states in the U.S. It is important to be as specific as possible. Targeting “all parents,” for example is too broad.

Stage One: Gain Attention

The first stage is to gain the potential customer’s attention. Let them know about you through posts that draw their attention, that stand out from the rest. Be sure to always include an image or video. These posts could be quotes from your book(s) that are interesting to your target market. And you could post attractive illustrations and photos from your book, with an intriguing description. You could also post videos of you reading a page from your book. Always include a call to action, meaning an “ask.” At this stage, you want to gain social media followers.

Stage Two: Attraction

In this stage, you are attracting potential customers to your books. What is fun or entertaining about your book? Show them how their children will love your book. You might want to show photos of happy children reading your books or being read to. Videos are very helpful at this stage. Include a call to action that encourages them to comment. Be sure to respond to all comments with thanks and a question to prompt further engagement.

Stage Three: Building Trust

In this stage, you are building the trust of your potential clients – a requirement for all who will choose to purchase your book(s). They need to get to know you – your values, your motivations, your “why.” In addition to the posts from stages one and two, you can post on your “why” for writing the books. What need did you see that prompted you to write your book(s)? How does your book address that need? What are the benefits of purchasing a book from you? For example, you could mention that you originally wrote the book for your child and why. Or you saw a need for more positive books for girls with powerful role models. How did you “think outside of the box?”

Videos, especially live videos are especially helpful at this stage. Potential customers are looking for transparency. What can your book do, and what can it not do? Maybe your book is primarily for a certain stage of child development, or a certain age range, for example. Let them know. They will appreciate your honesty. Be sure to post testimonials at this stage. Testimonials from happy readers are powerful! Be sure to be responsive to comments. Also, include a call to action that encourages comments or asks them to join your email list.

Stage Four: The Decision

Converting potential customers comes after you have caught their attention, gained attraction, and built their trust. In this stage, your potential customer decides to buy from you. They need to see how your book will benefit their child, trust you that your book is what they want, and realize they need your book. In posts, remind them of the benefits of owning your book. Make it easy for them to purchase. Let them know exactly how to purchase. Thank those who have purchased your book so far. Also, include a call to action that encourages them to buy.

Stage Five: Happy Customers

Now that your customers are happy with their purchase, thank them and encourage them to do three things:

  1. Leave a review on your Facebook page or email the review to you.
    2. Join your email list.
    3. Tell their friends and family about your book. They can do this verbally, or a sharing your posts

to their social media. Sharing is a powerful word-of-mouth action on social media!
Be sure your customer service on social media is top-notch. Be responsive to comments and questions.

Stage Six: Returning Customers

In this stage, your happy customers come to you for more. Let them know through social media posts and emails about all the products you have that go with your book. Let them know about the other books you offer. Give them ideas of crafts, parties, and other fun things to do with your book’s theme. Keep them coming back and keep them telling their friends and family about your books and products!


Social media is a powerful tool that works as a 24-hour salesperson for your book! Post consistently according to the stage your audience is at. Make 80% of your posts entertaining or educational and 20% of your posts promotional. Potential customers work their way through from one stage to the next as you are successful in winning them over. If you follow all the above steps in the appropriate stages, you will certainly increase your number of customers!


Nathaniel “Nate” Saucier has been providing online marketing and public relations services for over a decade. Nate specializes in empowering heart-centered entrepreneurs, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, spiritual centers, and healers to shine even brighter through attraction marketing, attracting their ideal customers. Nate believes in you and your business. He believes that possibilities are unlimited and applies that to all aspects of his life.

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