Sometimes all you need is a break

I’m back! smile When you follow my Instagram account you might have already noticed that I wasn’t very active there with my business.

This had a couple of reasons. As you know, I’m a mom of three little girls, an expat living in the US and I’ve started writing my own books back in March. The whole quarantine thing was quite tough on our family and I know a lot of you can relate to this. Having kids at home, trying to work and also try to focus on your book(s) is much more than you can deal with sometimes.

You may ask why the heck I’ve started writing books when I already had my hands full with my family and my business? The answer is simple: It kept my sanity. This is a crazy time right now and getting a creative outlet was the only way for me to find a way back to myself.

I was a mom, a wife, a business owner, a maid, a cook, an entertainer…but I was not longer me. Writing helped me to get back on track. But I needed to focus on publishing my books and developing a marketing strategy for them while taking care of my kids and trying to make great memories for them in this crazy year. So, I decided to only continue working with my existing clients and put a stop on developing my business.

But now that I have three books published and a fourth one almost finished, I’m happy to say: I’m back! I’m happy to support all of you, to share some tips & tricks and cool things I’ve discovered on my publishing journey so far. Maybe there are one or two you weren’t aware of yet!

So, what can you expect in future? I can’t give you a definitive number of newsletters per month yet, but you will hear at least once a month from me, I’m aiming to twice a month! I’ll also reshift my services a bit and will focus more on everything around E-Mail marketing – from creating creative freebies, set up of landing pages and automations to brainstorm on great newsletter content and creation of your “love letters”.

Thanks for reading my blog post! I felt I needed to share why I’ve been quiet for such a long time and that I’m HAPPY to be back and be on this exciting author’s journey with you!

Love, Jana

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