Magical books and activities

Kids love books that have some magic and inspire them! Here are a couple of magical books and activities your kids will love, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did during my research for this blog post! smile

Ruby the Rainbow Witch (the ebook is free at the moment!)

Ruby the Rainbow Witch along with her rainbow dress, picture-perfect hat, and swirly-whirly wand goes on a wonderful whirly walk and shows us how to make every day a picture-perfect rainbow day.


Find tons of free activities such as coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word searches with Ruby here

Princess Pumpkin Patch

Sassi is BORED! Princess Pumpkin Patch wonders if there’s more to life than shipping pumpkins. Sassi has been harvesting pumpkins for so long, she is starting to wonder if there is something more she could be doing with her life. What else is out there?


Free activity: Try Princess Pumpin Patch’s sweet nut treats! You can find it here

Goggles The Bear Who Dreamed Of Flying

Everyone tells him he is too little to fly, but he always wears flying goggles just in case they change their minds, which is why all his family call him ‘Goggles’. Then one day, he discovers a BIG SECRET that means his dream might just come true…


Find another free ebook from the author here

The River Fairy’s Wish

The River Fairy lives in an enchanting crystal house by the lazy Dream River. What more could this fairy princess possibly want? With the help of a dazzling magical crown, the fairy’s most desired wish comes true! Can you guess what her wish might be?


Here is a cute idea how to make your own easy fairy houses.

Our Amazing Blankets

What can two kids do with two blankets?! Find out in this delightful and beautiful story about a brother and sister!! Follow these twins, as they create real-life and imaginary adventures, using their amazing blankets!


Free activities:

Here are 3 different ways to make a blanket fort.

Keep your kids busy with this cute free downloadable sheet that encourages them to think about their strengths and goals.

I hope these books will bring some magic and inspiration in your kid’s life and help you to keep the spirit up in your home! If you have recommendations on magical books we shouldn’t miss share them with us in the comments below! Thanks! smile

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