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As a mom, I know how hard it will get during the next weeks – having your kids at home while you are trying to work from your home office and keep your sanity. I’ll share a couple of blog posts over the next weeks with book recommendations, free downloadable activities and online resources, and fun crafts.

Let’s start with Ebooks that are available as a free Kindle download this week:

The River Fairy’s Wish (free March 16th – 21nd)

The River Fairy lives in an enchanting crystal house by the lazy Dream River. What more could this fairy princess possibly want? With the help of a dazzling magical crown, the fairy’s most desired wish comes true! Can you guess what her wish might be?


Shoo, I Love You (free March 17th and 18th)

In Shoo, I Love You, Mama Monkey sleeps soundly while her little one moves all about in this funny and sweet bedtime book. It is a heartwarming story that celebrates the bond between mother and child. Parents and children alike will enjoy this sweet bedtime book. Perfect for read-alouds for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children.


Coralie The Cotton Candy Angel (free March 17th and 18 th)

Coralie is a little angel who arrives in heaven covered with mud. She thinks nothing of her appearance but soon realizes that it’s unbecoming an angel. Although she tries to adjust to her new eternal life, Coralie causes chaotic humor and whispers among the cherubs. Why? Coralie doesn’t like to follow the rules.


Molly McBean Clutterbug Queen (free March 17th and 18th)

Molly McBean Clutterbug Queen is a fun-to-read rhyming story.  Cleverly written, it shows how quickly a mess can grow into a mountain of clutter.  See what Molly does when her closet begins to bulge because it’s packed too full. 


Thor’s Dreamland Adventures – Trouble in Space (free March 17th – 19th)

After watching a rocket launch into space, Thor falls asleep by the fire and drifts off to dreamland. He finds himself piloting a spaceship and crash lands on a nearby planet. With his ship wrecked, he meets some aliens who he can’t understand.


Archie the Brave (free March 17th – 19th)

Archie is scared of everything!
One day on his way to school,
he meets a BIG, scary dog!

But soon he finds out that she is
only protecting her puppies.
Now the mother dog and her puppies are following Archie to school!


Jasper and the Elemenopy (free March 17th – 19th)

When Jasper’s Dad decides to read him the Alphabet one stormy night, Jasper’s imagination runs a little wild.

Can he make it all the way through the Alphabet or will the Elemenopy (L.M.N.O.P) Monster be too scary?


My Big Red Monster (free March 16th)

What do you do when there’s a monster under your bed, and your brother won’t believe you? What if the monster wants to work for you? In fact, he’s so hungry for work, that if you don’t give him jobs, he’ll eat you! He’ll straighten your room.


The Round Box (free March 16th)

When Carrie’s Grandma moved across town, she left 4 boxes in a closet marked KEEP. Fascinator, Wandas, Feathers and Dowse. The Fascinator box is round. Inside is a boat. The boat is a hat. Carrie puts it on and her world rocks.


This is the first blog post of a new series with lots of book recommendations and more to make life at home a little bit easier and fun. Check out my posts and my blog regularly. smile

Stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Jessica Adams

    Thanks for sharing! I’m sure it will be very helpful for parents out there.

  2. Toby A. Williams

    Nicely done, Jana. It looks inviting and the message is concise. All my best to you and your Blogging.


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