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1 ... 2 ... 3 ... - Zählen ist keine Hexerei!


An einem sonnigen Tag fühlt sich die kleine Maus ein wenig einsam in ihrem Haus hinter den Bäumen. So macht sie sich auf, ihre Freunde zu treffen. Unterwegs begegnen sie ihr: Eine emsige Ameise … zwei lustige Vögel … drei flinke Spinnen …vier musizierende Grillen …

Doch die Freunde sind alle mit sich selbst beschäftigt und schenken der kleinen Maus keine Beachtung. Traurig kehrt die kleine Maus nach Hause zurück. Das Herz ist ihr ganz schwer. Ist sie denn allen egal?

Doch am nächsten Tag erlebt die kleine Maus eine große Überraschung. Eine Überraschung, die sie glücklich im Sonnenschein tanzen lässt …

Ein interaktives Kinderbuch über wahre Freundschaft, das mit seinen lustigen Reimen schon die Kleinsten begeistert.

Englische Bücher

A Growth Mindset Book To Promote Self Esteem

Moyo, the little giraffe is one lucky girl – she is growing up in the African savanna enjoying the beauty of nature.

But growing up as the tallest animal in the world isn’t easy, especially when you’re still short.

Moyo faces new challenges every day but thanks to the encouragement of her mom, the majestic giraffe lady, she never gives up and discovers that anything is possible if only she believes in herself and her abilities.

This book takes children to beautiful Africa. Gorgeous illustrations and an encouraging story show kids the power of self-esteem and perseverance.


Count with me!


On a sunny day, behind the trees Mouse feels a bit lonely. Setting off to find some friends, Little Mouse counts them as he goes. One busy ant… two flying birds…. three bustling spiders …

His friends are caught up in their own activities, and don’t notice Little Mouse at all!

Sad and lonely with no one to play with, but then relieved and happy! Mouse’s friends are true, and arrive in time to remind Little Mouse that friendship is there, waiting for us, even when our friends are busy.

Little learners love to count forwards and backwards with Little Mouse!

Interactive, engaging, with a rhyme and cadence that is perfect for small children.

A magical story about the power of imagination


Oh no! Unicorns have lost their joy, the leprechaun can’t find his gold, and the magical fish have disappeared – all because the magic rainbow has lost its color!

Who can help Magic Land??

A magically illustrated story about what happens to our teeth when they fall out, young children will love to ride along on the journey with Mollie.

Kids will be excited to color some partly colored pages in the book and help Mollie bring back the colors with their creativity and imagination.


A magical snowy adventure


Oh no! Santa’s list is gone!

Curious snow fairy Quinn Shinyfrost and her elf friends are on a mission to find it. But who left the huge footprints in the snow, and where do they lead?

Join Quinn and the elves on this festive snowy adventure, where they show kindness and look for the good in others, making a wonderful new friend along the way. Can Quinn and all her friends work together to save Christmas?

This book is a must-read story that will entertain, dazzle, and teach children to always look for the good in others.

After all, being kind can go a long way. It starts with a simple act.